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October 01 2015


What Happens with Elder Abuse?

During Elder Abuse, an elder person is intentionally and carelessly treated, causing him risk or harm in physical, mental, financial, and emotional ways. It consists of mistreatment of various forms such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, fraud, abandonment etc.

Elder abuse refers to careless act or intended action that may cause harm or even serious risk to elder person— emotionally physically,financially ormentally, . This term is broad and may encompasses different types of mistreatment.

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Know Your Elder Rights!
What is Nursing Home Abuse? 

Elder abuse takes place in various forms in our society. Victims are vulnerable and frail, due to which they fall prey to nursing home abuse, where in the abuse may or may not be backed up by an evidence or physical sign. Nursing home abuse causes over 1,800 deaths in the U.S each year.


What is Elder Financial Abuse?

Elder Financial Abuse is a term given to the process where the elderly people of the society are duped off their money in the form of forging their signature, getting their will or deed signed by force, illegally obtaining possession of their assets or property.

As an Elderly, you have elder law and this is something your should be aware of. 

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